A better future for animals in need

IAPWA is an international animal welfare charity and with your support we can change the lives of animals in need around the world

International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals

IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals) is a UK-registered animal welfare charity dedicated to creating a better future for animals in need.

Our first project, established in 2009, is based in Borneo, where we provide a lifeline to thousands of dogs and cats every year in need of veterinary care and support. Our companion animal programmes have since developed in other countries, including Romania and Penang Island.

Our passion for all animals has also seen us develop many partnerships and launch campaigns to help other species. Wherever there is suffering, we aim to make a difference and with your support we can continue to protect and improve the welfare of animals worldwide.


IAPWA has worked in Borneo since shortly after we were established in 2009, providing a much-needed lifeline to thousands of dogs and cats in need of support

Penang Island

In Penang Island, IAPWA are the first partner of the Penang Island Council (MBPP) to establish and manage a humane program for the strays who live there; a program that helps to save the lives of thousands of strays every year


Through our Romania programme we are committed to creating a positive impact in the long term whilst also tackling the immediate welfare needs of the animals who live there

Join Team IAPWA

Our work is funded entirely by the generosity of animal lovers worldwide.

It costs just £3 to vaccinate a dog to prevent them dying from debilitating but preventable diseases. It costs £5 to send a life-saving food bundle to feed a hungry animal. It costs £10 to neuter a dog to reduce the number of puppies born to suffer on the streets. Every penny and pound truly makes a difference.

If you want to help animals in need, there are lots of ways to get involved; from donating to our patient appeals, taking part in thrilling overseas adventures, or undertaking rewarding volunteering opportunities. Sign up to our newsletter to find out more.