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Project Team

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Choong Koon Yean

Project Director - Penang

Choong manages our Penang project and has been actively involved in animal welfare for many years. She was previously a Senior Lecturer at Penang College and the Vice President and Head of Administration for 4Paws.  She has also managed her own cat neutering programme on the island, where she lives with her rescue cats.

Katie Estrop

Veterinary Director - Borneo

Katie graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2011. After volunteering to help strays in Thailand, she joined our Borneo Team in 2015 and is now our Veterinary Director responsible for providing treatment and care to thousands of animals every year. Katie shares her home with her 4 IAPWA rescue dogs.


Jegatheswary (Jacky) Tamilmany

TNR Co-ordinator - Penang

Jacky spent many years helping people in Penang as an experienced Nurse Technician before joining our team as our TNR Co-ordinator to help the animals on the island. In her spare time she is also pursuing a Masters Degree.


Tracey Maddocks

Veterinary Nurse - Borneo

Tracey has studied Zoology and Veterinary Nursing and has worked with big cats and primates as well as companion animals. She has travelled to over 70 countries and loves using her experience, knowledge and passion to make a big impact for animals in need.


Shirley Samson Soh

Vet - Borneo

Shirley is a local Sabahan Vet from Beluran and has been part of our Veterinary Team since 2018. She is passionate about making a difference for animals in her Country and is looking forward to seeing this programme develop throughout Sabah.

Jerome Paul

Rescue Manager - Borneo

Jerome manages our catching/release work for our neutering programme and all rescue activities. He also oversees our surveys to measure how we’re reducing the number of strays born on the streets and has been in the team since we first established the project.

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Janice Tan Yuxian

Admin and Adoption Officer - Penang

Janice is passionate about finding forever homes for the many dogs we re-home every year who would otherwise be left to struggle on the streets and also helps the Penang team with some of their administrative activities.

Felenee Lu

Project Administrator - Borneo

Felenee manages our Project Administration in Borneo and is passionate about animal welfare. She has fostered, adopted and rescued many strays and has also helped set up feeding programmes for them.

Jainah Ongubing

Veterinary Assistant - Borneo

Jainah is a veterinary assistant for our Borneo team. She is an animal lover and enjoys her role helping stray dogs and cats in need.

Anton Mako

Animal Welfare Assistant - Borneo

Anton lives on site to ensure this stays secure and clean and spends lots of time caring for our patients every day, alongside our Veterinary Team.

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Jamie Wan

TNR Officer - Penang

Jamie spent many years as a medical practitioner before joining our Team as a TNR Officer. She is passionate about helping the strays in Penang, where she lives with her rescue dogs.

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Alvin Lim

TNR Officer - Penang

Alvin works with Jamie and Jacky to catch, rescue and care for dogs within our Penang project. He also helps to foster dogs who need a lifeline, like the sweet little dog above.


Jameson Rainold

Animal Welfare Assistant - Borneo

Jameson works alongside Jerome and Robbie to catch, release and rescue the dogs we treat and support. He has always loved animals and enjoys being able to help them in his hometown through our work.

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Robbie Emmanuel Paul

Animal Welfare Officer - Borneo

Robbie works alongside Jerome and Jameson to help with our catching, releasing and rescuing activities and enjoys being able to make a difference to the stray dogs and cats throughout Sabah.