Thousands of dogs and cats in Borneo have no owner to feed them or provide them with a safe place to sleep. When they are ill they have nobody to care for them so as they get the treatment they need. Under these conditions, many would live just a few years during which they would struggle to survive.

IAPWA have been working in Borneo since 2009 to change this and provide a lifeline for these animals through our facility, the support our veterinary team provides to local sanctuaries and our outreach programmes in remote regions. Due to your support we have been able to:

 End the inhumane methods of population control, saving thousands of lives

 Neuter approximately 3000 dogs and cats every year to prevent them being born to suffer

 Provide veterinary treatment for those who need us

 Find loving homes for dogs and cats through our Adoption Programme

Run education programmes to create a more compassionate community

Support the change of legislation alongside local NGOs

 Support local sanctuaries with veterinary care for the dogs and cats they rescue

 Establish outreach projects in remote areas with no access to veterinary care

Our Team

In partnership with the Government, our Borneo Team neuter, vaccinate and treat thousands of stray dogs every year to reduce the number of puppies born into a life on the streets.

Our Cat Support Programme

As well as helping thousands of dogs every year, we also neuter, vaccinate and treat many cats through our support programme for local sanctuaries as part of our outreach programmes.


Every year we educate over 1,800 children within this project to help them develop compassion and respect for all animals and run workshops within the animal welfare community.

Helping Sun Bears

We’ve also previously supported other species in Borneo, including providing vital funding to the Bornean SunBear Conservation Centre (BSCC) for their sanctuary in Sandakan.

Meet Louis

Louis was rescued at just 3 months old; terrified and living on a rubbish site. After coming to our facility, our Founder adopted him and he now lives a happy life in the UK.


Get Involved

We have welcomed many veterinary volunteers to our project since we launched, both within short and long term placements. If you’re a qualified Vet or Veterinary Nurse and would like to find out more, please email

Sponsor a stray today

For £3 we can vaccinate a puppy against disease. For £5 we can feed a stray for 2 weeks and for £10 we can also neuter them to prevent so much suffering. With your support we can make an even bigger difference to the lives of thousands of strays who need our help.