Thousands of strays live in Penang and with no official neutering programme in place, many were caught and sadly killed.

After hearing about our work in Borneo, the authorities in Penang asked to visit our facility there to discuss how we could work with them to change this situation. After many meetings, in September 2017, we signed an agreement as the first partner of the Penang Council (MBPP) to establish and manage a humane programme for the strays and provide them with the support they need.

As a result of this project, dogs are no longer culled in Penang and are instead neutered, provided with any additional veterinary care they need and either released back to their community or found homes within our Adoption Programme. Each dog we care for now has a future and we are extremely proud to be able to manage and develop this programme to save the lives of thousands of strays every year.

Through this project, we:

  • Neuter and vaccinate stray dogs to prevent puppies from being born to suffer on the streets
  • Provide additional veterinary care and support to strays who need our help
  • Support local sanctuaries and groups with the dogs and cats they rescue and care for
  • Find forever homes for many dogs and cats with loving families
  • Organise awareness and educational sessions to create long lasting change in Penang

Raising Awareness

Through our monthly events, we raise awareness of a range of issues such as responsible pet ownership and the welfare of strays. We also create innovative events such as the first ‘Furmazing’ dog trail on the island where pet owners and their dogs can take part in fun activities as a team whilst raising funds to support and protect the strays in Penang.

Adopt Don’t Shop

Within our growing foster carer network and adoption programme, many dogs, all of whom have been rescued from living on the streets, have found their forever homes with local families who decided to #AdoptDontShop.

Sponsor a stray today

For £3 we can vaccinate a puppy against disease. For £5 we can feed a stray for 2 weeks and for £10 we can also neuter them to prevent so much suffering. With your support we can make an even bigger difference to the lives of thousands of strays who need our help in Penang.