Romania’s stray dog situation is a complex problem which has been well publicised in recent years. When IAPWA first visited there, the animal welfare issues were very apparent. However, we also saw a country full of dedicated individuals and groups working tirelessly with limited resources to give these dogs a better life and we wanted to help. 

The stray dog problem in Romania worsened in the 1970s when the country-wide move towards urbanisation resulted in many people moving into small apartments and no longer being able to keep their pets. This led to a rise in pet abandonment and over the years, the number of stray dogs increased as these abandoned pets began breeding freely, until their numbers were out of control.

The inhumane dog culls in the early 2000s led to an increase in private shelters and sanctuaries taking in dogs to try and protect them. As a result many dogs are housed long-term in shelters that are often struggling, without enough homes for them all to go to. Those still on the streets remain at constant risk of disease and injury, or capture and euthanasia.

Alongside our UK and Romanian partners, we’re committed to making a positive impact to support dogs and cats in Romania, some elements of which are shown below.
Joanne Mackenzie, Programme Manager
Jo is an experienced Veterinary Nurse holding a range of qualifications including Advanced, Clinical and Feline Veterinary Nursing. She has worked in many countries to deliver veterinary services, including Romania, Bosnia, India and Ukraine. She enjoys training on a range of nursing and welfare related topics and is a Lecturer at Dundee and Angus College.

Our Work

Neutering Campaigns
Neutering and vaccinating dogs and cats through targeted neutering campaigns within the region where we work
Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Providing veterinary services through our custom built Mobile Veterinary Clinic
Sanctuary Support Programme
Supporting the local animal welfare community through our Sanctuary Support Programme
Community Engagement
Delivering a range of community engagement initiatives

A Day In The Life Of A Romania Neutering Campaign

This year, our Project Coordinator Georgiana, in collaboration with Animal Life Sibiu and other contributors, are aiming to support a series of spay and neuter campaigns in Romania. We would like to say a big thank you to everyone that has, and is due to be, involved in these campaigns in the future.

You can discover more about a day in the life of a Romania Neutering Campaign by watching this video from one of our recent campaigns.

"Being part of IAPWA Romania enables me to make a difference to the lives of companion animals in my country. From providing veterinary treatment to dogs and cats in need, to working within neutering campaigns to help put an end to unnecessary suffering, it's wonderful to work within a compassionate and dedicated team working towards a collaborative goal for the stray animals of Romania."
Sofia Cnab
Veterinary Assistant

Thanks to Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

We’re grateful for all the support Battersea Dogs and Cats Home have provided to IAPWA for this project.

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