Argos is a special little boy who we rescued in April last year. At only four weeks old, he was frightened, alone and struggling to survive in a dirty, wet drain in Penang. No innocent kitten should have to endure such a painful start in life, yet so many passers-by had just left him lying there.

It was only by chance that our IAPWA Penang team stumbled upon Argos whilst carrying out other work in the area.

We found this little miracle in an awful state, fending for himself with severe flu symptoms and a broken leg. We knew he would not survive if left alone.

Sadly, Argos’ leg was badly infected, so our team rushed into action and performed an emergency amputation to give him a fighting chance at survival. 

He was extremely small and underweight, but we worked around the clock, providing continuous care, dressings and treatments to ensure this tiny boy would grow up healthy and strong and have a chance at a happy future.

There were many ups and downs on Argos’ long road to recovery, but nothing was going to stop this curious kitten from exploring and enjoying life!

Argos when he was first rescued with a broken, infected leg.

Argos very quickly managed to get around just fine on his three legs and is now as playful, happy and affectionate as any kitten should be.

After enjoying a new lease of life, this handsome boy finally found his happy ever after when our teammate, who had fostered him and helped nurse him back to health, decided to offer him a loving forever home and a bright future.

His adopter said, “Argos has settled in perfectly and is doing so well. He’s now helping us keep an eye on another little puppy who we have recently fostered from IAPWA Penang too!”

Argos’ story could have had a very different ending, but thanks to IAPWA’s amazing supporters, we were able to step in and change his life for the better.

Without your kindness, we wouldn’t be able to help all of the sick, injured, abused and abandoned stray animals that come through our doors. Together, we can give more animals like Argos the time, patience and care they need to thrive and leave their lives as a stray behind them.

If you’d like to set up a Monthly Donation to continue to support animals like little Argos, you can kindly do so here.

Argos 9
Argos is now a happy, healthy cat living in his forever home in Penang.

Written by: Helen Saxton
IAPWA Blog Manager