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Spotlight on: Choong Koon Yean

For the second in our ‘Spotlight On…’ series, we caught up with Choong Koon Yean, our amazing IAPWA Penang Project Director who works incredibly hard to change the lives of animals across Penang.

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Top tips for animal-friendly travel

As travel restrictions are easing and the possibility of a holiday abroad is on the horizon once again, many of us are excitedly dusting off our passports! However, for wild animals, tourism is a real problem. In fact, a study by World Animal Protection found that 75% of wildlife tourist attractions are having a negative impact on wild animals…

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Spotlight on: Jainah Binti Ongubing

Here at IAPWA we wouldn’t be able to save all of the animals that need our help without the efforts and dedication of our incredible staff members. In the first of our new ‘Spotlight on…’ series, we’re going behind the scenes to celebrate and learn more about Jainah Binti Ongubing – a Veterinary Assistant at our IAPWA Borneo Project…

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Little Kage’s nine lives

On 16th March, whilst our Penang team were carrying out daily tasks, we stumbled upon a tiny kitten in the middle of a busy highway. This four-week-old boy was extremely lucky to be alive, after almost being run down by multiple cars before we were able to rescue him…

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Neuter strays for healthier, happier lives

Since we started our journey, IAPWA have neutered over 15,000 stray dogs and cats across our projects. It is shocking statistics, but one unneutered female dog and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in just six years…

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