In January 2021, our IAPWA Borneo team, along with our good friends at Borneo Animal Welfare Society, Sabah, rescued fifteen dogs from an animal shelter where extreme flooding had taken place.

Led by BAWSS, fourteen volunteers stepped in to successfully relocate the dogs to temporary animal shelters until the flooding clears as it simply wasn’t safe for them to stay there. We’re currently caring for ten of these dogs at our IAPWA Borneo facility.

Adrienne Godfrey Johniu, owner of Shelter of Hope said: “It’s common for this place to be flooded, but this time it was worse than usual. If I did not move the dogs, it would be dangerous for them.”
A huge thank you to the amazing team at BAWSS, everyone in our IAPWA Borneo team, Sam Lau and every single other person who helped to save these precious animals. Our thoughts go out to Adrienne and Shelter of Hope and we truly hope they’ll be back on their feet soon.

Written by: Rebecca Lewthwaite
Fundraising & Communications Manager