Join the IAPWA Coffee Challenge to help us change the lives of animals in need

Why not swap your coffee cup to save a stray pup? For just £3 a month, you can provide a stray puppy with a vaccination to help give them the bright future they deserve. A £3 vaccination will help to prevent the risk of fatal illness and disease, as well as the possibility of this spreading to their siblings and other dogs in their community. As a thank you for joining the IAPWA Coffee Challenge, you’ll become an Animal Welfare Protector and will receive an exclusive Welcome Pack from our team, including a FREE Gift!


Join the Coffee Challenge

For just £3 a month, you will save a pup and become an Animal Welfare Protector!

Did you know, the cost of an average ‘coffee-to-go’ in the UK is approximately £3.37?

Treating yourself to just one takeaway coffee a week can cost you almost £14 a month!

It's costs IAPWA just £3 to vaccinate a stray puppy and give them a bright future...

Swapping your coffee cup and donating £3 a month can truly help change little lives

How you will help

From just £3 a month, IAPWA can vaccinate stray puppies against deadly diseases which cause agonising pain and suffering. No animal deserves to suffer, but thankfully a simple vaccination will provide them with a bright future with less risk of infection or fatal illness. In exchange for your support, you will join our amazing team of IAPWA Animal Welfare Protectors!

Stray puppies are at risk of deadly diseases which can cause them agonising pain and suffering.

All puppies, no matter where in the world they are born, deserve to grow up happy and healthy.

They should be playing with their friends and siblings without the risk of spreading fatal disease.

What you'll receive in return

When you swap your coffee cup to save a stray pup, we will send you an Animal Welfare Protector Welcome Pack! This pack will include a FREE gift, exclusive monthly newsletters about our patients you are helping, and an Animal Welfare Protector certificate to show our sincere gratitude for your support.

Join the Coffee Challenge

For just £3 a month, you could save a pup and become an Animal Welfare Protector

Become an Animal Welfare Protector

Every year, IAPWA provides a lifeline to thousands of animals around the world. From running neutering campaigns in Romania that humanely prevent the suffering of thousands of puppies and kittens, to providing lifesaving veterinary care to stray dogs and cats suffering on the streets – we truly can’t do any of it without your support.

Monthly giving is one of the best ways to support IAPWA. By giving monthly, you provide our small charity with a reliable source of funds which help to protect more animals on a regular basis.

As an Animal Welfare Protector, you will be joining the fight for the welfare of all animals from the comfort of your own home. You will be supporting our passionate teams on the ground, helping them carry out lifesaving work around the globe. As an Animal Welfare Protector, you can help us change and save so many lives and prevent a tidal wave of suffering. Please join our coffee challenge today!

Discover more about IAPWA's projects in Borneo, Penang Island and Romania

Our first project, established in 2009, is based in Sabah, Borneo, where we have a team providing veterinary care and support to thousands of dogs and cats every year. Our companion animal programmes have since developed in Penang Island and Romania.


IAPWA have been working in Borneo since 2009 to provide a lifeline for animals through the support of our veterinary team, as well as providing aid to local sanctuaries and running outreach programmes in remote regions.
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Penang Island

In Penang Island, IAPWA are the first partner of the Penang Island Council (MBPP) to establish and manage a humane program for the strays who live there; a program that helps to save the lives of thousands of strays every year.
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When IAPWA first visited Romania in 2016, the animal welfare issues were very apparent. Through our Romania programme we are committed to creating a positive impact in the long term whilst also tackling the immediate welfare needs of the animals who live there.
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