Little Simba is lucky to be alive after his mother was shot whilst heavily pregnant with him

The human-animal conflict in Thailand is cruelly causing many macaques to lose their lives and severely impacting on the survival of their species. Simba’s story is just one example of the horrors these precious animals are facing every day.

Meet Simba. IAPWA were truly heartbroken to learn of this little macaque’s story and what he faced during his first moments in this world.

Simba may be the cutest little thing you have ever seen, but his story is a devastating one and he now desperately needs your support to secure a bright future after all he’s been through.

Simba’s harrowing journey began in Thailand where his mother was cruelly shot whilst she was heavily pregnant with him. She became paralysed, leaving our friends at Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) with no other choice than to perform an emergency c-section to save Simba’s life and bring him into this world as an orphan. One tiny bullet tore apart what could have been a beautiful life for Simba, living in the wild with a precious mother to care for him. Now that’s all changed due to the sheer cruelty of humans.

The team at WFFT didn’t think Simba would survive due to him being so weak and unresponsive after he was born. He had been through so much trauma already that his chances were very slim. However, what the team soon came to realise was how much of a little fighter this brave little macaque was.

Today, Simba is making great progress at the WFFT sanctuary. It is of course incredibly sad that this sweet little orphan will now rely on their care for the rest of his life and won’t be able to be released into the wild, however he can still join one of their macaque troops and live a full and happy life.

Simba - one day old (WFFT)
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Why do we need your help?

Whilst growing up at the sanctuary, Simba will require round-the-clock care and support, nutritious food and milk which he can no longer get from his mother, ongoing veterinary care and support, and a whole heap more in order to grow stronger and have the chance at joining his fellow macaques and learning what it’s like to have a family again – something that sadly got torn away from him.

Can you help little Simba raise the funds he needs to get there? We’re going to do all we can to help him, but we really need your support.

Thank you for caring – from IAPWA, WFFT and little Simba x

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Photograph Credit: WFFT