Will you send a life-saving Food Bundle to feed a starving donkey?

A devastating drought has brought severe heartbreak to parts of Tanzania, with hundreds of animals dying due to lack of food and water. IAPWA needs your help to ensure no more innocent animals lose their lives.

We are urgently appealing for your help to feed hundreds of starving donkeys and cattle affected by deadly droughts in Tanzania.

For many months now, donkeys and cattle having been enduring a heart-breaking situation, desperately searching for food and water amidst a severe drought that has affected the area in which they live.

Due to the drought, many animals have sadly already lost their lives and the rest are what can only be described as skin and bones, desperately searching for anything they can to survive. From older animals right through to little ones, so many animals are in dire need and there is not enough food to go around.

The sheer lack of food and water has led to the animals straying further than before to find what they need, resulting in many then being attacked and killed by predators such as hyenas.

No living being deserves this suffering; we must put an end to it. Can you help IAPWA send life-saving Food Bundles to feed these starving animals in their time of need?

A Food Bundle costs just £5. Whether you donate one, or many, you will be helping us save innocent lives. Thank you so much for caring.