Will you be the lifeline a vulnerable donkey is longing for in Tanzania?

Throughout 2024, IAPWA will be extending our support for up to 5,000 donkeys in Tanzania, working closely with our partner organisation Tanzania Animals Protection Organization (TAPO) to give donkeys in dire conditions a brighter future free from suffering. Please consider donating to help us on our mission.

In Tanzania donkeys are still facing a gruelling future, with many at risk from the abhorrent donkey skin trade.

During recent years, the frequency of donkey theft, killing and skinning in village bushes has increased due to a global demand for donkey skins for Ejiao (a traditional Chinese medicine), as well as donkey slaughter houses. With little effort to stop the massacre, the already decreasing donkey population in the Kahama District, Tanzania, is becoming all the more vulnerable. We have partnered with Tanzania Animals Protection Organization (TAPO) to make a difference.

Through this important partnership, we will continue to fight against the cruel skin trade as well as providing treatment and support to those individual donkeys who need our help throughout 2024.

This will include supporting Donkey Mobile Veterinary Clinics to treat sick, injured, and abused donkeys, supporting the construction of safe Donkey Shelters in hundreds of villages, and providing Food Packages to feed hungry donkeys who are struggling to survive without access to food and water.

It will not be easy, but with your support we can ensure donkeys get the help they need to thrive in Tanzania. Read on to find out how you can support this important work.

Mobile Veterinary Clinics

IAPWA will be supporting a Donkey Mobile Veterinary Clinic that will travel across hundreds of villages in Tanzania, providing veterinary treatment and support to donkeys with wounds, injuries, and disease.

Safe Donkey Shelters

To ensure donkeys are protected from thieving and poaching due to the skin trade, as well as wild predators, IAPWA will be supporting the build of hundreds of Donkey Shelters, providing further protection to these precious animals and giving peace of mind to the villagers who care for them.

Donkey Food Packages

Due to tough living conditions and regular droughts in Tanzania, donkeys are in ongoing need of Food Packages to simply survive. From little ones through to older donkeys, it is crucial that we can keep their bellies full, especially during times when food and water is scarce.

Elliot's Story

Meet Elliot. This sweet little donkey lives in Tanzania and is one of up to 5,000 donkeys we will be supporting throughout 2024.

Elliot has been attacked by a hyena, and requires veterinary care to heal his wounds and lift his broken spirits. On top of crucial veterinary care, building a Donkey Shelter in his village will help to keep him and his friends safe from predators such as hyenas, as well as evil poachers who attack and steal donkeys to slaughter them as part of the donkey skin trade.

Will you be there for donkeys like Elliot? Please donate today to give this brave boy a better life.

Appeal - Elliot
If you would like to help on a larger scale by making a significant contribution or by supporting the animals in another way, please reach out to rebecca.lewthwaite@iapwa.org to discuss this further. Thank you in advance for your support.