Will you help to save Pangolins from the brink of extinction?

Did you know that the shy, harmless pangolin is the most trafficked mammal on the planet, and the illegal wildlife trade results in the brutal death of tens of thousands of these sweet little animals every year?

These magnificent creatures, known for their distinctive armour-like scales, have fallen victim to ruthless poachers who extract them from their natural habitat and sell them on the black market. Buyers overseas then use their scales and meat for ‘luxury’ food dishes, medicines, and even clothing and fashion purposes.

In the Philippines alone, the pangolin population has experienced a devastating decline due to relentless trafficking, pushing them dangerously close to extinction. It is a horrific and barbaric trade, and their plight cannot be ignored any longer.

In 2024 we will be launching a critical rescue operation alongside our partner in the Philippines. Through a series of carefully planned raids, we aim to rescue as many pangolins as possible from the clutches of these heartless criminals. But here’s the catch… we need your help to fuel our efforts. Without you, these raids won’t even have the chance to get off the ground.

By making a donation today, you can help to provide the vital funds needed to ensure we can carry out these raids that will save hundreds, if not thousands of lives, helping us change the future for so many pangolins who would otherwise be killed. Instead, they will get any additional support they need, after which they will be relocated to safe, natural habitats so they can live out their lives in peace.

We cannot afford to waste another moment whilst pangolins suffer at the hands of wildlife traffickers. Please help us make a difference today by sending a kind donation via one of the below methods.

If you would like to help on a larger scale by making a significant contribution or by supporting the animals in another way, please reach out to rebecca.lewthwaite@iapwa.org to discuss this further. Thank you in advance for your support.