Together we can stop the slaughter of pangolins

We are collecting signatures to urge all Local Government Units and law enforcement agencies in the Philippines to greatly intensify their efforts in preventing the poaching, trafficking, and slaughter of pangolins and other endangered wildlife on the brink of extinction.

Poachers in the Philippines are driving several species of animals close to extinction, most notably the innocent pangolin. These animals are mercilessly hunted for their meat and scales, which are sold on the black market for food and traditional Asian medicine. Due to this ongoing slaughter, the wild population of the Philippine Pangolin has been declining over the years by up to 95%.

Through this petition, we call the attention of the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) of the Philippines (through DILG Secretary Benjamin C. Abalos, Jr.) to urgently urge all Local Government Units and law enforcement agencies to intensify their efforts in preventing the poaching and trafficking of precious pangolins and other wildlife before it is too late.

Wildlife protection groups are willing to join the fight against this abhorrent criminal activity. However, we need the serious participation of local leaders such as governors and mayors, as well as law enforcement agencies, to effectively operate against this illicit trade and bring the criminals to justice.

Please sign and share the petition below and play your part in protecting the Philippine pangolin and other endangered wildlife from further decline.

Sign the petition. Save the pangolin.


Signatures: 1,007

Goal: 10,000

(signature total last updated: 15th July 2024)

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Donate to support our Rescue Missions

This year, through a series of carefully planned raids, we aim to rescue as many pangolins as possible from the clutches of these heartless criminals. But we need your help to fuel our efforts.

By making a donation today, you can help to provide the vital funds needed to ensure we can carry out these raids that will save hundreds, if not thousands of lives, helping us change the future for so many pangolins who would otherwise be killed.

Instead, they will get any additional support they need, after which they will be relocated to safe, natural habitats so they can live out their lives in peace.

We cannot afford to waste another moment whilst pangolins suffer at the hands of wildlife traffickers.

Please help us make a difference today by sending a kind donation via one of the below methods.

Thank you for your support. Together we can save the pangolins.