For a monthly donation starting at as little as £3 per month, you can help IAPWA provide lifesaving care to thousands of animals in need. Read on to find out more about the difference you can make.

What it means to be an Animal Welfare Protector

Every year, IAPWA provides a lifeline to thousands of animals around the world. From running neutering campaigns in Romania that humanely prevent the suffering of thousands of puppies and kittens, to providing lifesaving veterinary care to stray dogs and cats suffering on the streets – we truly can’t do any of it without your support.

Monthly giving is one of the best ways to support IAPWA. By giving monthly, you provide our small charity with a reliable source of funds which help to protect more animals on a regular basis.

As an Animal Welfare Protector, you will be joining the fight for the welfare of all animals from the comfort of your own home. You will be supporting our passionate teams on the ground, helping them carry out lifesaving work around the globe. As an Animal Welfare Protector, you can help us change and save so many lives and prevent a tidal wave of suffering. Please join us today.


Why we need your support

There are many reasons as to why we need the support of kind people like you. To help you better understand the requirement for your monthly donation, we have broken down a few aspects of our work and associated costs below:

£3 a month

can vaccinate a stray to prevent them dying from debilitating but preventable diseases, plus stopping the spread of disease within their community.

£5 a month

can provide a life-saving food bundle to help our team feed starving dogs and cats who are desperately searching for scraps of food to survive.

£25 a month

can help our team neuter a stray dog or cat, preventing thousands of puppies and kittens being born to suffer a sad, and often short life on the streets.

£50 a month

can provide an entire care package to support a dog or cat through their journey from rescue to a happy, forever home through our adoption programme.

Merry and Buddy's Story

Merry and Buddy were rescued in November 2021 after being found struggling to survive at the bottom of a dirty drain. Both had experienced horrific abuse, especially Buddy who was discovered with a cable tied tightly around his abdomen and genitalia, creating deep and painful wounds in his skin.

We’ve worked hard to help these sweet dogs heal from both their physical and mental scars. Both boys received crucial veterinary treatment and have also been neutered and vaccinated.

Merry and Buddy are now incredibly healthy dogs who are full of life and have recently found their loving, forever home with a wonderful family through our local Adoption Programme in Borneo.

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What You'll Get

As an official Animal Welfare Protector with IAPWA, you will receive exclusive monthly newsletters about the patients you are helping straight to your inbox, showing how your monthly donation has changed their lives after living on the streets.

Become an Animal Welfare Protector

Become an Animal Welfare Protector and help IAPWA change the lives of animals in need from the comfort of your own home. Donations start from as little as £3 a month.