At IAPWA our mission is simple yet profound: to build a brighter future for animals across the world.

By pledging a monthly donation you become a crucial part of this transformative movement – a Living Legacy champion.
You’ll invest in the ongoing care, protection, and rescue of animals across the globe, witnessing the impact of your support every step of the way.

Building a Brighter Future for Animals

As a Living Legacy Champion, your contributions transcend the ordinary. They represent a legacy – not just in terms of what you leave behind, but what you actively build throughout your lifetime. This isn’t just about the afterlife impact, it’s about being witness to the difference you make.

Watch our video below to find out what this impact looks like.

Your Living Legacy will:

Build a brand new Animal Welfare Centre in Borneo to create a better future for the thousands of dogs and cats that live in that region.

Continue our projects worldwide - from our partnership in Penang Island that ended the dog culls in 2017 to our mobile veterinary clinic for dogs and cats in Romania.

Develop our support programmes - from intercepting wildlife trafficking to protecting and caring for donkeys cruelly killed for their skins.

Provide emergency support for animals that urgently need our help.

Work with local communities to create long term sustainable change for animals.

Provide training and work with those supporting animals to build a collective force for combined action.

Develop our network of incredible supporters, without whom we wouldn’t be able to deliver our work

Be collaborative, ensuring that the impact you make and the legacy you leave is special to you.

And so much more! As the community develops there will be more ways to  get involved, including opportunities to visit some of the work, teams and animals you are supporting.
Your monthly donations aren’t merely transactions; they are an investment in creating a sustainable future for animals in need.

Regular donations are a lifeline for helping us to plan ahead. These consistent contributions allow us to implement long-term projects, develop sustainable solutions, and extend our reach to more animals who need us. They also create a community of amazing like-minded people who are coming together to make the change they want to see in the world. Every one of you will be updated every step of the way about how your donation is making a real life impact.

Together, we’re nurturing a legacy of compassion, resilience, and hope for animals who depend on our collective support.

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