We URGENTLY need your support to save homeless puppy Mads

Left all alone and traumatised after her mother and sibling died right before her eyes, this scared little girl is turning to you for the chance at a better life. Will you help her?

Mads is three months old and was born on a rubbish dump on the streets of the Philippines, fighting to survive alongside her family from the very start.

Mads’s little family was made up of her, her mother, and one sibling. Like many strays in the area, they had made the local rubbish site their home. Although a heartbreaking place to live, they were able to find some element of shelter there and could search through the rubbish for tiny scraps of food to survive.

Mads’s mother was desperately trying to keep her babies alive in any way that she could, until sadly one day, their world took a devastating turn. Her mother was hit by a rubbish truck right in front of her and her sibling’s eyes. She sadly died leaving her babies alone and traumatised, growing sicker by the day without anyone to care for them.

The two poorly puppies were reported to our partner in the Philippines who made us aware of their situation. We knew right away that we needed to help.

Mads and her sibling were rushed to the local vet where they were checked over and started on the treatment path they needed for their array of illnesses. Sadly, it wasn’t long until Mads’s sibling crossed over the rainbow bridge due to a severe worm infestation. Our hearts broke for Mads who was now left all alone in a big, scary world.

Mads was put on an IV drip immediately to help with her own worm infestation so as she didn’t follow the same heart-breaking path as her sibling. She is skinny, has developed ticks inside of her little ears whilst living on the streets, and has a skin infection for which she is receiving medicated baths.

We are going to do all we can to aid her medical issues, but the saddest part is that Mads is now very fearful and guarded due to all she has been through at just three months old. She is very nervous when approached and very untrusting of people which is incredibly sad to see. We hope over time she will come out of her shell and understand that there is kindness in this world too.

Will you show her the kindness she is longing for? Mads requires further veterinary tests to rule out other potentially life-threatening diseases, ongoing veterinary treatment, a lot of mental support, and much more to overcome the trauma she has been through. No puppy deserves such a sad start in life. We have a wonderful home lined up for her but she needs to get over so many hurdles in order to live a healthy, happy life. Will you help her get there?

Please donate and help us change Mads’s life.

Photograph Credit: Greg Quimpo