Help us raise funds for cats and dogs in need around the world.

Fundraising for animals in need couldn’t be more simple. At IAPWA, we recognise that everyone is different and would like to help in their own way. That’s why the sky’s the limit with what you can do to help! Whether it’s a little or a lot, the funds you raise will not only help us provide treatment for sick, injured, abused and abandoned strays, but will also support our important vaccination and neutering campaigns in the areas where they are needed the most.

Tell me more...

Fundraising is a great way to become part of a community of like-minded people, meet new friends (and dogs!) and learn new skills whilst helping to change the lives of animals.
Our current team of fundraisers have discovered all sorts of fun ways to raise funds; from organising virtual quizzes, hosting a dinner party, taking part in a sponsored walk or run, and even starting a local community library. The possibilities are endless.
We will also be available to offer any support or guidance you need and you’ll be able to join our IAPWA Fundraising Facebook Group where we share fundraising ideas and successes, our plans to help the animals, and even photos of our lovely pets from time to time!

Fundraising Ideas

Unsure of ways to fundraise for IAPWA? We’ve got lots of easy and fun ideas to help get you started and on your way to raising funds for those who need it the most. There are limitless ways to fundraise; whether it’s just you, or your family, friends and the wider community. We’ve listed a selection of fundraising ideas to give you inspiration below.

fundraising dog walk IAPWA

Sponsored Dog Walk

Round up your pack and go on a countryside or coastal walk. Every paw will make a difference! Whether it ends in muddy paws or wet dogs, you’ve helped animals who are in desperate need of medical care.

fundraising afternoon tea IAPWA

Host an Afternoon Tea

Chat over tea and cakes! Every cuppa goes towards saving the lives of dogs and cats! So, let them eat cake and enjoy a natter whilst providing funds for vaccines, neutering, veterinary care and food.

fundraising abseil IAPWA

Abseil at Dusk

You and a group of friends could experience abseiling as the sun sets. You can bravely reach the bottom knowing you’ve helped provide veterinary care for the animals who need it the most. Get tightening your ropes!

Car Boot Sale

The perfect opportunity to declutter your home! With every till ring, you’re saving the life of an animal. And be sure to let your buyers know that all contributions are going towards animals in need. Even ask them to post their purchases on social media!

Fundraising karaoke night IAPWA

Karaoke Night

You might not be the next Adele or Ed Sheeran but you can certainly give it a go! A Karaoke Night is a fun way of raising money with friends and family. Your vocals might make it rain cats and dogs outside but at least you know you’ll be contributing towards the care of animals in need.

fundraising treasure hunt IAPWA

Treasure Hunt

Ahoy me hearties, let’s go find some booty! Invite family, friends and neighbours to participate in a treasure hunt. All pieces of gold and silver will help provide food, vaccines and veterinary care for cats and dogs worldwide. Yo ho ho!

How your fundraiser will help IAPWA's patients

The funds you raise will go towards every aspect of care for the patients at IAPWA as well as supporting many areas of work within our overseas projects; from outreach neutering programmes in Borneo, to helping fund our mobile clinic in Romania. As little as £5 could even provide enough food for a cat or dog in desperate need. We couldn’t raise these funds without you and we truly appreciate all of the support you are willing to give.

As little as £5 can...

provide a food bundle to feed a hungry stray in our care.

Just £25 will…

provide urgent veterinary treatment for a stray dog or cat.

£50 will...

neuter five dogs or cats to prevent puppies and kittens being born on the streets.

£100 can reduce the spread of disease…

allowing IAPWA to vaccinate over 30 stray dogs and cats.

£300 can feed those in our overseas shelters…

giving hungry dogs and cats the gift of a full belly for one whole month within one of our projects.

£500 can save lives...

providing life-saving veterinary care for over 20 of our stray patients.

Discover more about IAPWA's worldwide projects 

Our facilities and team provide veterinary care and support to thousands of dogs and cats every year. Our companion animal programmes have since developed in Penang Island and Romania. Wherever there is suffering, we aim to make a difference and with your support we can continue to protect and improve the welfare of animals worldwide.

Next steps...

Are you ready to start fundraising? We’re excited to see what type of fundraising event you will host. The team at IAPWA will be cheering you on and are available to offer you support every step of the way. We want to ensure your fundraiser is fun and successful. 

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