Successful partnerships with businesses are a vital part of funding the work of IAPWA and helping us change the lives of so many animals in need.

From employee led fundraising to sponsorships, we work with companies in lots of different ways. Hover over the boxes below to find out more about IAPWA’s range of partnerships.

Charity of the Year Partnerships

We are open to new Charity of the Year Partners to become part of Team IAPWA 2021. A great way to bring your team together with fundraising events, volunteering and sponsored challenges. You will receive full support from our dedicated fundraising team including the opportunity for presentations at your workplace and use of branded fundraising materials.


Could your business sponsor a kennel, an event or a new project? Sponsorships help to cover many costs making sure as much money as possible goes into helping the animals most in need. With packages starting from just £100, there is a sponsorship to suit every business.

Cause-related Marketing Partnerships

We are looking for businesses willing to donate a percentage of a special product or service to IAPWA. Partners that work with us in this way benefit from brand endorsement, collaborative marketing and a big CSR tick. An easy way to fundraise with a lot to gain.

Benefits to your Business

At IAPWA, we believe a partnership should have mutual benefits so we have listed some of those benefits below. However, any partnership with IAPWA is tailored to suit your business objectives and values.

  • Increased staff engagement and team working
  • Boosting staff morale and improving wellbeing
  • Opportunity for IAPWA presentations at your workplace or digitally
  • Helping to meet your Corporate Social Responsibility objectives
  • Positive brand association with a popular and respected UK registered charity
  • Brand support via IAPWA’s digital engagement channels
  • Invitations to exclusive charity events
  • Dedicated fundraising and event support

How Your Money Can Help

£300 could feed the dogs in one of our projects for a month

£300 will help to provide our patients with regular, substantial meals to help build their strength back whilst in our care. Many of our patients are going through treatment, are in recovery, or are tiny puppies who need regular meals to grow up big and strong.

£700 could help us neuter and vaccinate 50+ stray dogs

£700 could help IAPWA neuter and vaccinate 50+ strays dogs, protecting them from deadly diseases and reducing the number of puppies born to suffer on the streets.

£2,500 could fund our Trap, Neuter and Release (TNR) vehicles for six months

£2,500 will support our essential Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) vehicles, allowing our vital outreach work to take place, ensuring we can reach more animals in need every single month.

Our Business Partners

We are always keen to work with new partners so that collectively we can help even more animals in need. Please do get in touch via email for an informal chat about how we can work together!