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Youth of IAPWA

Our Youth of IAPWA programme has been created to encourage children to get involved with animal welfare and join us in making a difference to create a better future for animals in need. Through this programme, we aim to achieve the following:

    Raise awareness of global animal welfare issues and the projects that we manage and support to create change.

    Make a difference through fundraising to support this work so as children can take an active role in protecting and improving the welfare of animals.

    Be part of our campaigns, such as our 2018 Wildlife Art competition, with the winners being invited to and having their work showcased and auctioned at an event in London, alongside leading Wildlife Artists and Photographers.

    Engage with children from other schools around the world to spread the message of compassion for all animals and each other.

    To inspire and empower young people to be part of creating change for animals, people and the environment.

    Promote the human-animal bond through education.

Youth of IAPWA Ambassador

Our Ambassadors for this programme are Rookwood School, based in Andover, Hampshire, for children aged 3 to 16. The school was founded in

1934 and has three departments: the Rookery (Pre-School and Pre-Preparatory), Paddocks (Prep School) and Highfield (Senior School). They take part in many fund raising activities throughout the year and recently used the harvest festival to bring in shoeboxes filled with food, treats and toys for dogs in Romania which was highlighted at the 2018 Jane Goodall ‘Roots and shoots’ awards in London in 2018.

Through this partnership, Rookwood School have become the first UK school to take part in this programme. If your school would be interested in finding out more, please contact us at