We are incredibly proud to announce that our partnership with Penang Island City Council (MBPP) has been renewed for another 5 years. This great news will allow our team to continue carrying out humane and effective dog population management that has ended the killings of strays across Penang Island since March 2018.

As a result of the IAPWA Penang project, dogs are no longer culled in Penang and are instead neutered, provided with any additional veterinary care they need and either released back to their community or found homes within our Adoption Programme. Each dog we care for now has a future and we are extremely proud to be able to manage and develop this programme to save the lives of thousands of strays every year.


Throughout this project we continue to:

  • Neuter and vaccinate stray dogs to prevent puppies from being born to suffer on the streets
  • Provide additional veterinary care and support to strays who need our help
  • Support local sanctuaries and groups with the dogs and cats they rescue and care for
  • Find forever homes for many dogs and cats with loving families through our Adoption Programme
  • Organise awareness and educational sessions to create long lasting change in Penang

To this date, we have successfully neutered over 2,700 dogs to prevent puppies being born to suffer on the streets, as well as vaccinating over 1,800 dogs to prevent the spread of deadly disease. We have even found forever homes for over 550 dogs and puppies through our Adoption Programme meaning so many strays now have the chance at a happy future with families of their own.

Our work would not be possible without our amazing team who dedicate so much of their time to help those in need. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Choong, IAPWA Penang Project Director, who works incredibly hard with her close team to run this important project. We’d also like to thank Penang Island City Council (MBPP) for their trust and close cooperation for the past three years as we look forward to another successful five years to create a better future for the strays of Penang. And finally, we’d like to a say a huge thank you to you, our loyal supporters, who help to make our work possible.

Find out more about our IAPWA Penang project by clicking here. You can also make a kind donation to support our efforts for the strays of Penang by clicking here.

Written by: Rebecca Lewthwaite
Fundraising & Communications Manager