On 16th March 2021, whilst our Penang team were carrying out daily tasks, we stumbled upon a tiny kitten in the middle of a busy highway. This four-week-old boy was extremely lucky to be alive after almost being run down by multiple cars before we were able to rescue him.

Kage being cared for by his loving family.

He was likely a victim of abandonment and must have been so scared all alone on the noisy, busy streets at such a young, fragile age. Thankfully his nine lives were looking after him that day, and we immediately carried him to safety and took him into our care.

As our Penang team were overwhelmed with lots of poorly puppies and injured dogs needing ongoing treatment, as well as our important daily neutering work, this sweet angel was found a lovely foster home to ensure he was able to get the special attention he needed.

Being separated from his mum at such a vulnerable and vital stage in his life, this little boy needed to be weaned and fed with soft food multiple times a day to keep his strength up.

We were so grateful that a kind and wonderful family stepped forward to foster him. But his luck didn’t end there…

The great news is that his amazing foster carers, and their adorable rescue dog, fell completely in love with the tiny rescue kitten and quickly decided to make him a permanent member of their family.

He has since been given the name Kage, which means ‘Shadow’ in Japanese. The perfect name for this gorgeous little boy.

Thank you to his incredible, loving family for opening their hearts and home to an animal in need. Because of their patience and selflessness, and the kindness of IAPWA’s amazing supporters, Kage now has a much brighter future and a happy life ahead of him.

If you’d like to set up a monthly donation to continue to support animals like little Kage, you can kindly do so using our online form. Thank you.

Kage spending time with his new canine sibling.

Written by: Helen Saxton
IAPWA Blog Manager