Horse Welfare

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Horse Welfare

There are over 750,000 horses registered in Romania and most likely many more throughout the country. Horses became the backbone of Romanian agriculture for rural communities when communism collapsed and despite the increase in the number of cars in Romania, the cart pulled by the horses remains the most widely used means of transport in the countryside.

Poverty and lack of education of the owners often results in many leading a short and difficult life. When they cannot be exploited anymore, horses are often slaughtered, either locally or being transported long distances to other countries to enter the food chain.

In 2018 we visited ‘Save the Dogs (and other animals)’ to see their Footprints of Joy facility. As well as the valuable work they do helping dogs and cats in Romania, they have built stables to provide sanctuary to horses in need and also offer care and shelter to many donkeys who live happily on site. To support their equine programme, alongside supporter Annie Connolly, raised £1,300 through IAPWA to support many horses in the rural communities around the facility with food and care over the winter period where temperatures can drop to as low as -25.