Rhino numbers are dropping at an alarming rate. Our support partner, The African Rhino Conservation Collaboration (ARCC), are working to coordinate efforts across 12 private, provincial and state  reserves in the Eastern Cape of South Africa in order to better protect and build the rhino population in this area.

Private wildlife ranches cover almost 20% of land area in South Africa and have been integral to saving numerous species from extinction, including the Southern white rhino. Highly trained counter-poaching teams and technical equipment are luxuries that only some wildlife ranches can afford. Many are moving rhino to better protected reserves for safe-guarding. It looks likely that the short-term future for rhino could involve higher densities on fewer, smaller reserves. Some of these smaller reserves are already beginning to equip themselves for such an eventuality.

Rhino being protected within these reserves will lead a natural free-roaming life, being monitored closely but with very minimal intervention. Every single rhino counts and if they become ill or injured it’s essential that they receive the treatment and support they need. This is why we are supporting the build of a boma/hospital campwhere Rhinos can be treated and cared for. Having a limited number of such camps available in the country means that when a rhino needs intensive care, like a poaching survivor, it can be a struggle to find a suitable location to look after them.  As well as being used as a hospital it will also be used as part of the release strategy for rhinos as not all can be released straight into their new environment. Their social structure is very complicated and they form strong bonds, with young rhinos especially having a much greater chances of success if they are first given the chance to bond with one or two other rhino before being fully released.

We are proud to support ARCC to help provide this vital lifeline to rhinos that need us before it’s too late.