Here at IAPWA we wouldn’t be able to support all of the animals who need us without the efforts and dedication of our incredible staff members. In the first of our new ‘Spotlight on…’ series, we’re going behind the scenes to celebrate and learn more about Jainah Binti Ongubing – Veterinary Assistant at our IAPWA Borneo Project.

Jainah joined the IAPWA Borneo team as a Veterinary Assistant on 14 August 2018. Coming from a background in childcare, she saw IAPWA as a great opportunity to learn new skills and expand her horizons.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, she has gained specialist knowledge in the use of veterinary medicines for treatment, as well as practical experience of how to care for the animals in our clinic. During her time at IAPWA, Jainah has learned how to handle dogs and cats for treatment and prepare animals for surgery. She now spends a significant part of her time at the surgery table, using her skills to monitor the animals and assist the surgeon.

Jainah feels that her role has made her more mature as she is taking on more responsibilities as the days go by, and it has also taught her how to manage her time more effectively. Previously, when she was employed in a childcare centre, she worked alone with the children, but she now enjoys working as part of a team at IAPWA. Jainah particularly enjoys our outreach programmes, where we travel to provide veterinary services to rural villages, as she gets to visit new places and meeting different people.

Not content with just saving the lives of animals at work, Jainah also cares for animals at home. She lives near to our facility with her family and six lovely dogs. The pups initially lived as strays on the street around their home, and were first fed and cared for by her brother-in-law. Jainah has now ‘adopted’ them from the street and they live a happy and contented life outdoors. They’re very lucky to have someone as amazing as Jainah looking after them!

Written by: Helen Saxton
IAPWA Blog Manager