IAPWA are proud to be on the advisory board of the Zero Stray Pawject.

The mission of this programme is to resolve the issue of stray dogs on the island of Aegina, Greece. Each year hundreds of dogs are abandoned on the island and this programme aims to change that.

No shelter will ever be big enough to accommodate every stray dog and their pups and sadly there will always be too few good homes for the many dogs living on the streets. This is why, the Zero Strays Pawject focuses on the root cause of why there are so many dogs on the streets of Aegina and is working towards changing the future for the dogs on the island.

To achieve this, the project collaborates with national and local governments on public policy actions that combat and address issues surrounding responsible pet ownership, such as identification of dogs, neutering, enforcement of anti abandonment and protection laws and education. The team also work closely with and supports foster carers and shelters to promote responsible adoption.

Joining us within this advisory board are Harry Eckman (IFAW and Co-Founder of Change for Animals Foundation), Dr. Maurizio Albano (Veterinarian and Member of the European Commission ESCO), Prof. Régis Bismuth (Professor of Public Law at Sciences Po Law School) and Vassilis Antoniades (MD of Boston Consulting Group). We are all looking forward to working together within the Zero Stray Pawject to make a long lasting impact for the dogs of Aegina.