Back in May 2020, a brave dog named Zorro came into the care of our IAPWA Borneo Team. He was not in a great way, suffering with a severe infection in his eye. We knew immediately that we had to help him. Little did we know that his story had began long before this…

The Beginning

Back in 2019, a friendly dog would regularly wander by the Borneo Marine Research Institute where he made a companion out of several of the students working in the offices there.

“He would always be stood at the front door, wagging his tail non-stop. He was so happy for us to sit there and stroke him… then one day we noticed a bump on his head. He would yelp in pain if we pressed down on it. We immediately suspected that he’d been abused or may have a tumour.

After a while, he stopped showing up as often. We thought it may have been mating season. However, once he finally reappeared, he was covered in wounds and bite marks all over his body. We decided we needed to try and catch him to help him get the treatment he needed.”

Zorro and his stray friends on the streets of Borneo
Zorro's painful eye infection (before surgery)

All was not over…

Zorro’s kind rescuers got him the help he needed to treat his wounds, but after this he was too afraid to stray away from them. It was not long until they noticed something else was worryingly wrong. Zorro was showing signs of TVT (canine transmissible venereal tumour) and they knew they had to do something. Zorro’s new friends worked hard to raise funds from their fellow students to help him get the chemotherapy he so desperately needed, with help from SPCA KK.

Shortly after Zorro’s chemotherapy ended, everyone prayed that all would be well for this brave boy, but unfortunately that was not the case. His eye began to show signs of infection and was swelling rapidly. Something needed to be done. A collective effort from Zorro’s rescuers, friends, and the team at BAWSS got Zorro transferred into the caring hands of our Borneo Team who were ready to do all the could to help this gorgeous boy.

IAPWA Borneo

Despite best efforts, the infection in Zorro’s eye grew rapidly worse and other serious complications started to develop. Our Borneo Team were left with no choice but to make the hard decision to permanently remove his eye.

Thanks to the generosity of IAPWA’s amazing supporters, Zorro’s surgery was able to go ahead, and fortunately for Zorro, and everyone involved, the surgery was a success. After some further treatment and much-needed TLC, courageous little Zorro made a full recovery and was able to begin his journey searching for his forever home. Having been through so much in such a short space of time, our Borneo Team were amazed to see how full of life and obedient Zorro was and knew he would bring someone a great deal of happiness. His obsession with cuddling was all anyone needed to fall in love with him!

Due to his sweet nature, Zorro didn’t have to wait long for his forever home to come along. The team were so happy to see him adopted by a caring new family that would no doubt shower him in love for the rest of his days. Success stories like Zorro’s make all of our hard work worthwhile and are exactly the reason why our teams work as hard as they do. The kindness of IAPWA’s supporters allowed Zorro to be given his new start in life, and means one less stray is left to suffer on the streets. Thank you for caring.

Happy Zorro after surgery

Written by: Milly Gigg
IAPWA Volunteer