This October, we are calling all schools and youth organisations across the UK to come together with IAPWA to support World Animal Day! World Animal Day is an annual campaign taking place on 4th October and is run by Nature Watch Foundation with an aim to raise the status of animals to improve welfare standards across the world, and improve peoples’ knowledge of the animal kingdom.

Schools that sign up to take part will receive a FREE information session about our work, World Animal Day, and the incredible animals of Borneo where one of our projects is based. In addition, each school will receive an Activity Pack containing fundraising ideas, top tips and guidance for the big day.

How to take part in World Animal Day

1) An Educational Session

Take part in an educational session about IAPWA and World Animal Day. The session is aimed to be informative and interesting and is appropriate for children of all ages.

If you filled in our registration form by 21st September, our fundraising team will have been in touch regarding this session. If you don’t hear from us by 28th September, please email so we can ensure you have everything you need.

2) Fundraising to Support Animals

The second aspect to the day is fundraising! Raising funds for International Aid for the Protection & Welfare of Animals (IAPWA) is a fantastic way to show your support for World Animal Day and will teach young people that they can make a difference and create a better future for animals in need across the world.

Not sure where to start – don’t panic! We’ve got some fundraising suggestions ready and waiting for you to browse through below.

Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to fundraising, you can be as wild and whacky as you like – creativity is key! However, we know it can sometimes be tricky to come up with a fundraising idea, so we’ve got some suggestions here for you.

Creature Costumes

A fancy dress day is a fantastic way to fundraise and is incredibly fun! Ask the pupils in your school to dress as their favourite animal from Borneo (or further afield!) on 4th October and donate £1 each.

There are so many incredible animals that live in Borneo – proboscis monkeys, orangutans, pygmy elephants, snakes and even leopards!

Non-Uniform Day

This is similar to a fancy-dress day, however, pupils can simply wear their own clothes and donate £1 to our cause.

IAPWA works in Borneo, Malaysia so you could suggest red, white and blue outfits to represent the Malaysian flag and incorporate some learning around this fantastic country!

Writer’s Retreat

A brilliant way to get your pupils learning about creatures of all shapes and sizes is to kick-start their creativity.

Why not ask them to write a short story involving their favourite animal and donate £1 to enter it into a competition at school? A few teachers could judge the entries and award prizes to the stories with the best plot, most interesting character and stand out spelling and grammar.

Animal Art

Why not ask your pupils to create a piece of art featuring their favourite animal? Get creative with art supplies, mixed media and incorporating nature into their work.

Pupils can donate £1 to enter it into your school’s very own art show! Works of art could be displayed for parents and teachers to see. Parents may even want to buy their child’s artwork for a small donation to IAPWA.

Movie Day

Pupils donate £1 to visit the school’s pop-up cinema! Close the blinds and show a movie or documentary to contribute to pupils’ learning for World Animal Day!

Movie List...

We’ve listed a few of our favorite movies! There are hundreds of animal movies or educational series to choose from. We always ask to consider the children’s age and film certification when making your decision.

How Your Fundraising Will Help

We are so incredibly grateful that you’ve chosen to get involved with IAPWA’s World Animal Day 2022.

We want to tell you about where your fantastic donations will go. As we’ve mentioned, our first overseas project started in Borneo in 2009, and since then we’ve supported over 12,000 dogs and cats through this project.

We’re now launching the next phase of our journey in Borneo and are embarking on our most ambitious project to date; a state of the art Borneo Animal Welfare Centre launching in 2023. Any donations from this year’s World Animal Day will go towards this incredible new facility.

This centre will be based in Sandakan from where our team will run a comprehensive and much-needed Dog and Cat Population Management project.

It will be the first facility of its kind in Malaysia, meeting a range of needs for dogs and cats who are living with limited, or no access to veterinary care and support. Many of these animals struggle to survive on the streets every single day – we must put a stop to this and help them.

This centre will not just allow us to help those who need us right now, but will do so on a large scale and change the future for the thousands of dogs and cats in this region.

How to Raise Funds

For other payment methods, please see below. Remember to put a note stating who you are and how you’ve fundraised for us in with your cheque. For a BACS or cheque payment, please email to let us know you’ve made the payment so we can process it.

Bank Transfer

You can send your money straight to our bank using these details: Bank: Lloyds Organisation: IAPWA Sort code: 30-98-56 Account No: 00217103


Please make cheques payable to IAPWA and send to: IAPWA, 1B Rudds Lane, Haddenham, Bucks, HP17 8JP

Imagery Consent Form

We’d love to see how your school got involved with World Animal Day and share this through our social media channels, blogs and newsletters. We hope these stories will encourage others to get involved and raise funds for IAPWA!

Please download and return the form below if you’re happy for us to do this. With your permission, and if provided, we will store the written version of how you got involved, how much you raised and any photos/videos. Please note: we will store this form on our database alongside your information. IAPWA will never share your details with third parties.