Following our extensive work in Borneo so far, our team are now embarking on our most ambitious project to date.

The project will see two years of extensive plans all coming together into the build and launch of a new Borneo Animal Welfare Centre in 2023 from which we will run a comprehensive Dog and Cat Population Management Project, containing a range of programmes, some of which will be the first of their kind. We are so excited about the difference this project will make in creating a better future for the dogs, cats and communities in this region.
IAPWA aims to shift public perception of stray animals to companion animals and to strengthen the human-animal bond between owners and their pets so that people can enjoy the emotional and health benefits of pet ownership, and in turn, they genuinely care about their animals and are willing to provide for their welfare.

The Centre

IAPWA was invited to help tackle the increasing stray populations in the city of Sandakan, which is a hotspot for conservation and ecotourism.

The city is home to the Orangutan Sanctuary, the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre, and the Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary, which are all located within an hour’s drive of the city centre. IAPWA’s Borneo Animal Welfare Centre will be a part of Sandakan’s eco-focused heritage.

The Borneo Animal Welfare Centre will be spread over 7-10 acres of land, with the Veterinary Clinic (hosting our veterinary interventions) and the Education & Adoption Centre (hosting our RPO programme) near the main road at the entrance. The area behind the buildings is a beautiful, landscaped dog park which features walking trails, play-area enclosures, agility courses, and a picnic area for families. The entire facility is designed as a place where people can come and enjoy the companionship of their pet dogs, to promote the inclusion of pets as members of the family.

Our vision for the upcoming centre can be seen in the architectural drawings on this page, with a breakdown of the centre services and facilities below.

Dog & Cat Population Management

Running a comprehensive dog and cat population management programme alongside the municipality

Supporting local NGOs

Providing neutering and vaccination services to dogs and cats in the care of the local animal welfare community

Veterinary Services

Providing a range of veterinary treatment to dogs and cats; from skin diseases to wounds and injuries

Outreach Programmes

Acting as a base from which to deliver outreach sessions to access remote regions in need of veterinary services

Training Centre

Being a world class training centre from which we will be running a range of intensive training programmes for those working with companion animals

Adoption Initiatives

Finding homes for dogs and cats through our Adoption Programme

Education Initiatives

Launching a range of educational initiatives focused on responsible pet ownership; including our state of the art Dog Park

Financial Sustainability

Running a range of income generating initiatives to increase the financial sustainability of the programme as it develops

Community Engagement

Providing opportunities for the community to engage with and contribute to the programme

Monitoring & Evaluation

Managing a comprehensive monitoring & evaluation system to share our success

Of course, to be able to build this centre, we need your support. If you love animals and want to help us change the lives of thousands of dogs and cats within Sandakan, Borneo, then please consider contributing to the first phase of our build process by making a kind contribution today via our donation form.

If you are interested in making a more significant contribution to our new centre, we’d be delighted to discuss this with you in more detail. Please email for more information.

We are so excited about the difference this project will make. Thank you for supporting our work – we couldn’t do any of it without you.

Some of our patients who now have a bright future thanks to this programme