Dogs and puppies in Iraq are dying due to lack of water

We urgently need donations to send water trucks to their aid. Please donate today.

In Iraq, temperatures can soar to over 50°C in the summer months. This intense heat leaves the street dogs in a dangerously vulnerable state, desperate for water to stay cool and hydrated. 

Some tragically die from severe heatstroke like poor Nisk, whose story can be found below.

IAPWA are collaborating with animal welfare organisation War Paws to help protect hundreds of Iraq’s vulnerable street dogs through these scorching summer months. The shelter does not have a direct water supply, so we must raise funds for trucks to travel across Iraq to deliver this life-saving necessity.

The need for water throughout the summer is nothing short of an emergency – the dogs depend on it to stay alive. Please donate today and help us prevent more innocent souls from losing their lives.

You can donate to our emergency water appeal in one of the following ways:

Thank you so much for your support. As a small charity, every single donation makes a difference.

Nisk’s story 

 On 25th June 2023, beloved street dog Nisk was found collapsed on top of one of the makeshift houses built to provide temporary protection for the dogs. Disoriented and suffering from severe heatstroke, Nisk was rushed to the veterinary clinic where the vet tried everything to bring her temperature down. Sadly, Nisk had already suffered too much and the next day she lost her battle and died.
We believe it is unacceptable that dogs should suffer in this way when there is a simple prevention. We may not be able to bring Nisk back, but we can ensure no more dogs follow the same heartbreaking fate as her. Please donate to this critical appeal today.

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