Heartwarming Success Stories: Meet Fox, Willow, May, and the Rescued Pangolins

Thanks to the incredible kindness of our supporters, we’re thrilled to bring you these happy updates from our recent patients here at IAPWA. From little Fox rescued from the streets of Ukraine, pangolins saved from the clutches of wildlife traffickers in the Philippines, Penang Island puppy Willow’s incredible transformation, and the story of May who was rescued from the streets of Tangier, there’s lots here to brighten your day.

Fox the puppy was rescued from the frontlines of the war in Ukraine, after being hit by a vehicle and left for dead.

She was rescued in a heartbreaking state with multiple severe injuries, including cracks in her pelvis and two broken legs. No puppy should have to be born into such horror. Thanks to your kindness, IAPWA has been able to support Fox through two surgeries to heal her broken bones, as well as ensuring she was able to receive ongoing treatment and veterinary care from the wonderful team in Ukraine over the past few weeks.
We’re delighted to share that Fox has almost recovered and will soon start the search for a supportive, forever home in Ukraine. What a wonderful outcome after such a tough start in life. Thank you so much to everyone who donated to support Fox and all of the other animals affected by war.

Little Willow went from being partially paralysed on the streets of Penang Island, to healthy and thriving in her forever home.​

A few weeks ago, puppy Willow came to us in a heartbreaking state. She was rescued from the streets of Penang Island partially paralysed and couldn’t even lift her own head to eat or drink. She was so weak that standing on her own four paws was an impossible task.
Thanks to your support, Willow was able to receive round the clock care and regular physiotherapy over the course of many weeks. Today, she has fully recovered and is no longer cowering in her kennel, but bouncing around her forever home, loved deeply by the wonderful family who recently adopted her.
Thank you for donating to support this brave little girl through her treatment with IAPWA.

Our third wildlife raid of the year sees another innocent life saved.

We have conducted another successful wildlife raid this week in the Philippines, saving an innocent female pangolin and confiscating a large amount of illegal produce from the criminals who murder and sell these precious animals for profit.
Our team travelled deep into a forest where they discovered wildlife traffickers hiding three kilograms of pangolin scales extracted from the dead bodies of these gentle, endangered animals, as well as multiple endangered soft top shells.
These ‘products’ were being prepped to be sold on the black market, but thanks to your support for our raids we were able to ambush the area and confiscate all of the illegal produce, enormously disrupting these operations and catching the criminals in the act. The Maritime Police are now conducting further investigations into this criminal behaviour.
Sadly, we cannot bring back the multiple pangolins who were murdered for their scales, but we were able to rescue one female pangolin who was trapped inside a tiny cage awaiting a heart-breaking fate. She is now safe and will be provided with the support and care she needs before being released into a safe area to live out the rest of her life in peace.
We cannot stress how important this work is to help bring an end to this horrific trade. Our raids can only happen with YOUR support. Please consider donating to support our next wildlife raid. You can support our raids via our Online Donation Form, via PayPal, or by texting PANGOLIN £5, £10, or £20 to 70480.
If you’d be interested in going one step further and funding an entire raid, please reach out to rebecca.lewthwaite@iapwa.org for more information.

Remember gentle girl May who was rescued from the side of a busy road in Tangier with a severe skin disease and tick fever?

Thank you to everyone who has donated to support this brave girl. We’re pleased to share that her condition is improving day by day. May came to the SFT sanctuary not only very sick, but extremely scared of human touch. She is finally opening up and becoming less nervous around people, so we hope once she has fully recovered we will be able to support her in finding an understanding and supportive forever home.
May clearly still has some way to go and is not over her disease just yet, but we can certainly help her get to the finish line with your support. Please consider supporting May here.

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